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Keeping the pool clean
Trouble Shooting
General Questions
Filter Units

FAQs - Keeping the pool clean
Do I require chemicals and where can I get them?
Yes it is recommended that chemicals be used. Click here for a list of stockists.

What is the recommended procedure for keeping my pool clean while waiting for the replacement filter cartridge?
Keep all debris out of the pool and maintain the proper pH level.

How do I drain the pool?
Remove the drain cap and plug. A hose adapter is also included in the pool packages, which connects to a standard garden hose.

Is there a repair patch enclosed for the liner?
Yes. Small tears or holes can be repaired with the enclosed repair patch. The surface should be dry before affixing the patch.

Why has algae appeared in the water?
Possibly low chlorine levels.

Pollution to pool water through debris and other contaminants entering the water during use.

It is recommended that a pH level test kit be purchased to correct any imbalances.

Leaves, twigs, grass etc are in the pool what do I do?
These must be removed by hand or by means of a swimming pool maintenance kit.

Never use the filter unit for this purpose.

How can I prevent leaves, twigs grass etc getting into the pool?
The use of a pool cover will assist in preventing debris when the pool is not in use.

You can prevent dirt, grass etc being brought into the pool by having the pool users step into a bowl of water prior to entering the pool.

How may filter cartridges do I need per season?
Normally they need replacing every 2 to 4 weeks, but this all depends on the usage, water type, debris / particles carried into the water and the maintenance of the pool/filter unit. In some cases the filter cartridge can be used for a longer period if it is taken out of the unit and washed thoroughly with a hose. In the interest of hygiene it is recommended that they are replaced with a new cartridge. Click here for a list of stockists.

Filter does not clean the pool?
  • Improper chlorine or pH levels: Adjust chlorine and pH level. Consult your local chemical suppliers. Click here for a list of stockists.
  • Filter cartridge is dirty: Clean or replace the cartridge.
  • The filter cartridge is damaged: Replace with new filter cartridge.
  • Excessively dirty pool: Operate the filter unit for longer periods.
  • The strainer screen is restricting the flow: Clean the strainer screen at the pool wall inlet.

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FAQs - Trouble Shooting
Why does the filter unit keep turning itself off during hot days?
The motor has a thermostatic safety device to prevent motor damage/overheating. It is recommended that the filter unit be installed on the morning side of the pool so the filter unit will be in the shade during the midday and afternoon sunshine.

Never run the filter unit whilst the pool is in use.

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FAQs - General Questions
Are there replacement frame pool parts?
Yes, all parts of the frame pool are replaceable. Click here for a list of stockists.

How long does the pool last?
There is no definitive answer it all depends on how the consumer looks after the pool. Normally the liner/pool should last 3 - 4 seasons as long as it has been dried and stored properly at the end of each season.

How long does the filter unit last?
There is no definitive answer it all depends on how the consumer looks after the filter unit. Normally it lasts for 2 seasons. If the pool is kept clear of mud, grass etc then the filter will last.

Unit does not work?
  • Low water level: Fill the pool to the correct water level
  • Strainer screen plugged up: Clean strainer screens at pool inlet.
  • Air leak on intake hose: Tighten hose clamps and check the hose for damage.
  • Only relevant to 24 size pool
  • Faulty motor or impeller jammed: Check and clear any sticks or leaves in the intake to the unit.
  • Plunger valve closed: Turn and pull the valve handle to the full upright position.
  • No internal parts can be replaced.

Top cover leaking
  • O-Ring missing: Remove and check for O-ring, if found replace, if not these can be purchased. Click here for a list of stockists.
  • Cover not tight: Tighten cover (manually).
  • Filter cartridge dirty: Replace or clean the filter cartridge.

Hose leaking
  • Hose clamp: Tighten or change the hose clamp. Hose clamps can be purchased. Click here for a list of stockists.
  • There is a hole in the hose: The hose needs to be replaced. Click here for a list of stockists.

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FAQs - Maintenance
Where can I get the pool maintenance kit or cover?
These items can be purchased. Click here for a list of stockists.

What is your suggestion on filter unit maintenance?
Occasionally, petroleum jelly may be applied to the O-ring located in the top filter cover to minimize the seal cracking. No other maintenance is necessary.

How do I prepare the pool for winter?
Drain down the water and clean the liner both inside and out with a soft brush and mild detergent, ensuring all debris and sharp objects are removed.

Ensure the liner is dry before storage to prevent mildew. Frame pools : clean and dry the frame and ensure pegs, clips etc are safely bagged together. Store the liner in a frost free / dry place, off the ground away from sharp objects, mice and pets.

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FAQs - Filter Units
What is the suggested running time for the filter unit?
For all of the filter units, as long as the correct size unit is used for the pool then on a high usage day the unit should run for 6 hours and on a low usage day the unit should run for 3 hours.

The filter unit must not be used when the pool is occupied.

The filter motor fails to start?
  • Not plugged in: Filter must be plugged into a 3 wire outlet that is protected by a Class A RCD.
  • Fuse box needs checking: Reset circuit breaker. If circuit breaker is tripped repeatedly, your electrical system may have a defect. Turn off circuit breaker and call an electrician to correct the problem.
  • RCD circuit breaker tripped.

The filter unit does not move the water or the flow is very slow?
  • The inlet/outlet hose is clogged: Look for obstructions in the inlet hose or outlet hose inside the pool wall.
  • Air leak on inlet line: Tighten the hose clamps, check the hoses for damage and check the pool water level.
  • There is scale or build up on the filter cartridge: Wash the filter cartridge down by taking it out of the housing and rising through with a hose or alternatively replace the filter cartridge.
  • Excessively dirty pool: Clean the cartridge more often or replace it with a new one.
  • Only relevant to 18/24 size pool
  • Plunger valve plugged: Clean inside the plunger valve.
  • Plunger valve partially closed: Pull valve handle to full upright position.

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